Highlands Bar and Grill Blackberry “Faux-jito”

Highlands Mocktail.png

Looking for a refreshing non-alcoholic drink to get you through the dog days of summer? Matt Gilpin, beverage director for Birmingham’s Highlands Bar and Grill, shares a recipe that’s cool and light and emphasizes fresh ingredients.

What you’ll need

Fresh blackberries

Sprigs of fresh mint

Club soda

Fresh lime juice

Simple syrup (one part sugar to one part water heated on cooktop)

Ice cubes

12 oz. glass

Muddler with a large flat bottom

Pour ¾ ounce of simple syrup into glass. Add fresh blackberries to taste. Fill glass with sprigs of fresh mint. Using the muddler, thoroughly crush the ingredients. Add ice cubes. Top off glass with club soda. Add juice from ½ fresh lime. Stir. Garnish with one sprig of fresh mint.

Willie Chriesman